To avoid any spam bookings and Guarantee your booking with us, we require a deposit to us in advance, except for some services which require full payment to be delivered such as airline tickets, train tickets, transfer service, bus tickets or visa application.


We accept payment by credit cards via Fax and phone order (inlcuding Visa, MasterCard, Dinner Club, and American Express), Bank wire transfer, Paypal, Western Union. Our prices are NOT inclusive of payment fee so please include this fee when you make the payment/ deposit. Otherwise, your bookings will not be secured. Please read carefully "Terms & Conditions before making the deposit/ payment.


I. Payment via Fax, Telephone and E-mail order, highly recommendation with this option.

  Please download the file PDF following this link

And then complete to fill in the form to send us via Fax number: +84 (0)229 3893 271, and when we receive your payment, we will be in touch within one business day to confirm your clear booking.


II. Accepting PayPal bookings, this method is very convenient & easy to pay online.

We connect with Paypal Payment Gateway to accept Online Card Payment. All of your card information is processed through SSL protocol with international card security standard. Your card information will not be stored at our database (merchant) but MasterCard with advanced security system.

We will provide you with a secure link for online payment once you and the Vancouver Hotel have agreed with the services and price. We only proceed with the payment after reconfirming with you. Our receiving email for the payment is: Please notice that the fee is on your side. Handle/ Shipping fee is 7.5% of the total amount per transfer.

Major credit/debit cards (such as Visa Card, MasterCard and to some extent American Express) are increasingly being used, especially in the big cities and tourist places. Traveler’s cheques/checks are easy method of carrying money around and can be cashed at major banks (but not small banks in small towns).


III. Bank transfer

Please use the following information to bank wire transfer to us:
Beneficiary Name:
Beneficiary address: Phuc Thanh - Ninh Binh  - Vietnam
Beneficiary Account Number: 0221000006288
Swift Code or Bank Code for transfer: BFTVVNVX
Because this is an international transfer so the payment will not go directly from your bank to our bank, it will go through an intermediate bank on the way. Therefore, Please kindly note with your bank that all fees are on your side.

IV. Western Union

You can pay by credit card or bank account by using these payment gateways.
Please use the following information for the receiver:
First name:
Last name: Ngo Van
Address:  Phuc Thanh – Ninh Binh - Vietnam
ID number: 164143018  (Optional, only use if required)
Phone number:
+84 985 390 999

Please note:
• Only the name and address of the receiver is required to send money
• Please only use the ID number or phone number if requested.
• Please specify the currency is USD when you send money.
• Please send us the
MTCN number, sender´s full name and the country where you sent the money to us in order for us to pick up the payment.
• Sending fee is on your side please.


V. Bank wire transfer in land:


Beneficiary Name: NGÔ VĂN TÂM 

Beneficiary Account number: 0221. 00000. 6288

Bank name: Vietcombank - Ninh Binh



Beneficiary Name: NGÔ VĂN TÂM

Beneficiary Account number: 4831. 0000. 298. 647

Bank name: Bidv - Ninh Binh


Payment policy: Should you pay us in advance 7 DAYS before your clients arrive and please use the following information to bank wire transfer to us:


Cancellation policy: Any cancellation received within 7 DAY/s prior to arrival will incur the first night/s charge. Failure to arrive at our hotel will be treated as a No-Show and No Refund will be given.